Specializing in *Over-Sized* *Long-Coated* Rich Red & Blacks
Available Page Up-Dated: May 14th, 2019
Our Bonnie x Montana litter has arrived !!
Our incredible *Bonnie* x *Montana* litter has arrived !!
These two dogs have the most incredible personalities,
& very gentle, laid-back, temperaments for a GSD.
As previously mentioned, Bonnie
did *not* produce any *blue* offspring,
as the father would need to carry the *blue* gene.
All puppies will be long-coated, red & black, & some solid blacks.
These puppies w
ill make wonderful therapy and/or family dogs
do to their very gentle nature.
Bonnie is an outstanding mother, as she proved in her last litter.
If interested in one of these special puppies,

please email us ( preferably ) or leave a phone message.
( see our "Contact Page" )

Also, this is Bonnie's *last* litter !!
She has been an incredible, very attentive, mother, however she is
turning 5 & we will be looking for a very special retirement home for
her, after her puppies are weaned.
Bonnie is completely house-broken, obedience trained,
loves car rides & very social & polite with other animals.
We would prefer to place her with someone who is retired,
or works from home etc., as she really does love
to be near her people. If any of you can think of a
perfect home for this very special girl, please let me know.
~~*Daiquiris Retirement*~~
It is with mixed emotions, that I am announcing my retirement from breeding
GSDs, at my hobby kennel. It has been a life-long passion & wonderful journey,
doing my best, to maintain the health & physical appearance, of the original GSD.
I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people over the years,
and will miss this interaction greatly.
As a full-time caregiver for my husband, dealing with our recent house fire,
and dealing with my own physical health restrictions, trying to maintain my
hobby kennel, is proving to be too much for me.
In addition to our current wonderful litter of puppies, I also have
the following young adults for sale to the right home.
All dogs are "long-coats"....
*Marlin* is a Quartz x Gina daughter.
She has an incredible body & personality, & is 2 yrs old.
*Massi* is a Mauser x Bonnie daughter.
She is solid black & turning into a beautiful girl.
*Miles* is an amazing young boy at almost one year old.
He too, has a gentle, loving, temperament.
If you are interested in any of these great breeding dogs,
please contact me for photos or further info.
Most Sincerely,